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Swordbird cover


Author: Nancy Yi Fan

Genre: Animal Fantasy

More books: Sword Quest, Sword Mountain

Animals: Birds


The story behind the publication of Nancy Yi Fan's Swordbird is nearly as enthralling as the book itself. A Chinese-born preteen living in New York, Fan channeled her lifelong fascination with birds and her concerns over war and terrorism into an exuberant sword-and-sorcery-styled fantasy two years in the writing. She then emailed the completed manuscript to HarperCollins…and the rest, as they say, is history. This allegorical tale of warring birds and their struggle for freedom has attracted an unusual measure of attention because of the author's young age. But there is nothing childish about Fan's innate gift for pacing, characterization, or storytelling. We predict many more successes for this talented prodigy. ~Barns and Noble