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Hi! Welcome to the Animal Genre Wiki! Here you will find amazing books about Animals. Read their stories snd see the authors! You can also visit our staff at the bottom of this page and ask which books will be good for you to read and other questions you may ask.

Welcome to the Animal Genre Books WikiEdit

  • Watership DownGo to Watership Down
  • Black BeautyGo to Black Beauty
  • Lone WolfGo to Lone Wolf
  • Into the WildGo to Into the Wild
  • Where the Red Fern GrowsGo to Where the Red Fern grows
  • SilverwingGo to Silverwing
  • RagweedGo to Ragweed
  • The Mouse and the MotorcycleGo to The Mouse And The Motorcycle
  • Forest of SecretsGo to Forest of Secrets
  • The Tale of DesperauxGo to The Tale Of Despereaux
  • Fire and IceGo to Fire and Ice
  • Animal FarmGo to Animal Farm
  • RedwallGo to Redwall
  • The Animals of Farthing WoodGo to The Animals of Farthing Wood
  • SilverhairGo to Silverhair
  • Journeys to the HeartlandGo to Journeys to the Heartland
  • The Dangerous PathGo to The Dangerous Path
  • Shark WarsGo to Shark Wars
  • The JourneyGo to The Journey
  • Rising StormGo to Rising Storm
  • The Midnight FoxGo to The Midnight Fox
  • THe EncounterGo to The Encounter
  • The VisitorGo to The Visitor
  • SwordbirdGo to Swordbird
  • Stone FoxGo to Stone Fox
  • The Jungle BookGo to The Jungle Book
  • The SightGo to The Sight
  • The InvasionGo to The Invasion
  • The Dragonet ProphecyGo to The Dragonet Prophecy
  • The MenagerieGo to The Menagerie
  • SocksGo to Socks
  • The Call of the WildGo to Call of the Wild
  • The Last UnicornGo to The Last Unicorn
  • Raven QuestGo to Raven Quest
  • Ratha's CreatureGo to Ratha's Creature
  • Wild BornGo to Wild Born
  • Marley and MeGo to Marley and Me
  • StarfireGo to Starfire
  • Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NimhGo to Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm
  • White PumaGo to White Puma
  • The FamiliarsGo to The Familiars
  • The RescueGo to The Rescue
  • The EscapeGo to The Escape
  • SunwingGo to Sunwing
  • The Lost HeirGo to The Lost Heir
  • The One and Only IvanGo to The One and Only Ivan
  • Howl of the WolfGo to Howl of the Wolf
  • Shadow WolfGo to Shadow Wolf
  • DoglandsGo to Doglands
  • The Ancient Solitary ReignGo to The Ancient Solitary Reign
  • Dragon ChampionGo to Dragon Champion
  • The House of Thirty CatsGo to The House of Thirty Cats
  • Clan GroundGo to Clan Ground
  • PoppyGo to Poppy
  • The CatwingsGo to The Catwings
Where the red fern grows
This Wiki is about Books that are all about the Animal Genre. This includes books like- The Mouse and the Motor Cycle, Redwall, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and many more. This wiki is for all ages including toddler books for parents to find good books for their children. Go to Rules plus follow us on Tumblr at animalgenrebooks .

We have 0 of contributors and 1,690 edits! Even though this wiki is small, we'll still have fun learning animal genre books and reading. Hope you can join our community in fun and reading! :)
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